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Converting to Photography Blog

I've blasted all of the old blog entries and I'm starting over. I intend to use this blog to track various photography experiments and events.

computer network paint?

This is a quick nerd update - the gigabit home network is closing in on reality. The home builder used CAT5E cable for the phone system; I've replaced the RJ-11 jack in our home office with an RJ-45 and installed an RJ-45 connector on the other end of the cable in our garage. Today I primed the walls of the garage where the network cable will run from the gigabit switch to the family room. Eventually the entire garage will be primed - I thought it would look better if I got the paint on the wall before I ran the network cable. I have the fixin's (remodel box, CAT5 cable, RJ-45 jack) to finish the wiring to the family room as soon as the paint it dry.
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